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      Hi, Donna,

      Hopefully, I can help. I am a QuickBooks
      Pro Advisor so am very familiar with the programs. The simple start has lost
      much of its functionality since it became free, so it can only handle limited
      customer transactions. Although the price is right, the limits in customer
      databasing, reporting, and inventory ultimately prove to be more hassle than
      they’re worth to most people.

      I’m not sure where you got the $400
      to $3,000 figures from but QuickBooks Pro is $199.99 and it is well worth the
      investment. It will help you track your bills so you don’t pay them late,
      will let you download bank transactions directly into the program (a great time
      saver) and easily exports into tax programs or for use with your accountant. You
      don’t have to upgrade every single year so your $200 investment can last
      for quite some time.

      With the number of customers you have, it’s a good
      solution. Also, you can download it directly from the QuickBooks website and
      start using it right away. There’s a live agent to chat with on the site
      if you need help, which is really useful.

      Whichever way you go, best of
      luck to you!

      Here are two recent articles I wrote on
      QuickBooks Tips & Tricks. Enjoy!



      Angie Mohr ca cma


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      Quickbooks suggestions

      I’m trying to put myself on a strict budget and need
      advice. I own a

      party plan business (In-Home parties for women and couples) and have

      to get Quickbooks for my taxes this year. I know there is a free

      online version called Simple Start Desktop Edition and there’s Simple

      Start Online Edition that are both free to download on our computers.

      Other versions cost mucho money. I saw an accountant for the first

      time today and it was recommended I get Quickbooks. It’s not necessary

      because they’ll take the information in my ledgers anyway but it will

      save me time and organize my business better which in the long run

      will save me money because I can track what I’m doing.

      I probably will get the Free desktop one but want to know if it can be

      upgraded later with all my information switched to a different version

      or would I have to painstakingly do it all by hand? The desktop one

      only allows up to 50 vendors and customers. I have hundreds of

      customers that I don’t have in a database. It’s all on paper and

      files. So I need a system to organize everything. If I go over 50

      vendors or customers then I think it’s $9.95 a month to get I believe

      up to 14,000 customers/ vendors.

      The other versions of Quickbooks are very expensive $400- $3,000 each

      and since I’m on this group I can’t afford it. LOL. There are programs

      depending on which Quickbooks I get where you can process credit cards

      for only $14.95 a month and no contracts or monthly minimums. I think

      it’s 1.72% charge per card. I can cancel my merchant account through

      Pipeline credit card processing and save those fees since my 2 year

      agreement is almost up.

      I was thinking of the basic edition but that’s over $400 unless I need

      better glasses. Can I buy Quickbooks software off of Ebay, craiglist

      or is it not recommended? Or maybe a website that is cheap.

      Thanks for all your suggestions



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