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      Sorry if this is off topic, Does anyone have any food ideas that will help my
      7 yr old put some weight on hes about 47 inches tall and weighs 41 lbs, his
      doctor has said not dangerously under weight just on the small side, he is on a
      medication ADHD, it has a side effect of appetite suppressant, He eats when
      told to, we want him to gain about 5-8 lbs to help bulk up, any suggestions? I
      heard avacados are a good idea that is healthy, but how do you make it, or
      prepare it in a good form, I don’t want him to gain weight unhealthylike
      cupcakes and junk, since adhd already causes hyperactivity and those health
      drinks like ensure and Boost have corn syrup in them he CANNOT have that at
      all, basically what foods wull help him gain weight????

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