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      Unless you’re signing a contract for your job (requiring specific

      terms etc.) then both you and your employer have what is called

      “employment at will” rights. This means that either party may

      terminate employment with or without notice at any time. If you find

      you like the job and may want to go back some day, try to give them

      some notice if possible. Maybe you won’t get an immediate start date

      for the other offer and you can work until you start there. If you

      really don’t like the job and want to take one of the other offers,

      just tell them before you start the better job that this one isn’t

      working out or that you really don’t like it, etc. Not that you’re

      obligated to tell them anything, but it will make it easier on

      everyone to leave on good terms.

      If you do take the job, make sure you let them know you have

      prescheduled appointments (they need not know for what) and you will

      need some time to attend. Like the other poster mentioned, don’t take

      the day if you need an hour or two. Maybe you can come in early or

      stay later to make up the hours or consider it your lunch time(depends

      on the job and the company). Let them know of these options if they

      work for you during your acceptance conversation. Don’t wait until the

      first day or the day before the appointment to tell them you need the


      I would definitely hear what everyone has to say about the offers and

      then you can decide fairly. Otherwise you will always wonder if the

      grass was greaner on the other company’s lawn.:)

      Good luck in whatever you decide.


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