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      Hi, All,

      I signed up for this site a long time ago – I’m not sure why I didn’t ever start posting. I just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to sharing and learning here!

      I’m an at-home mom, and we homeschool. We live on a small acreage (five acres) in a semi-rural area.

      I love learning about (and sharing about) cooking, housekeeping, frugality and ‘life hacks’. I hope I can connect with others here!


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      Hello catinhat, welcome aboard. I think you’ll really enjoy the site, there’s a ton of things to see here. :w3:

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      Thank you! I’m eager to get to know some people, learn and share! 😀

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      Hi catinhat,

      I’m a new member and I can’t wait to jump in. I’ve already found some awesome articles and ideas that I can’t wait to try. Looking forward to reading your posts!

      welcome-wagon smilie

Viewing 3 reply threads
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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Quick Hello