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      1LB hamburger meat
      1 small can cream of mushroom soup
      ! can of corn (whole kernal or cream style both work great)
      6 (or more depending on how much cheese you like) slices of cheese
      Instant Potatoes

      Brown hamburger meat. Drain and add can of cream of mushroom and 3 slices of cheese. Mix well and heat until cheese is good and melted.

      Prepare instant potatoes ( I do about 4 servings).

      Put meat mixture in a square casserole and spread evenly. Top with corn. Then add potatoes to top of corn evening out them. Then add a few slices of cheese over the potatoes.

      Put in microwave a few minutes and let cheese melt and serve!

      * I usually make garlic bread to go with it. Some people add mixed veggies or green beans instead of corn. Also some people do double layers. My family loves this and we eat it usually once every week or two. Cheap and easy to make.

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