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      Here in Texas the favorite soup in this state is Chicken Caldo, I make a quick version especially when its cold like today 30 degrees. I use rotisserie chicken from Costco for the meat. Here are the ingredients:
      1 rotisserie chicken( remove skin and shred or cube chicken)
      3 tablespoons olive oil
      6 cups of stock in a box chicken flavored or chicken garlic
      1 diced sweet onion
      3 diced green peppers
      1 package frozen corn on the cob ears broken in half
      6 carrots sliced
      parsley or cilantro to taste
      1 1/2 cups white rice uncooked
      garlic powder to taste
      Mrs dash to taste
      salt and pepper to taste
      In a large stock pot brown onions,peppers, and carrots until tender crisp. Add stock, seasoning and chicken and bring to a boil. Simmer 15 minutes and then add corn and rice and cook on low for an additional 20 minutes.Makes enough for a crowd and my likes to top theirs with sour cream and tortilla strips! great for a cold too!

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