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      I’m sure everyone but me knows this stuff, but here goes. I read the little E-Book about the $200/month grocery budget for a family of 4 (my eyes popped out of my head!). What kind of freezer is she referring to? A freezer chest or just the fridge freezer?

      Also, if the $200/month is food only, what is recommended for all the consumable household items like soap, shampoo, etc? Or can these items be made like the Ajax dishwashing powder?

      Side of beef: how do you ask the butcher to prepare it? Does he just cut it into its various bits? If so, how do you get ground beef? We use on average 2-3 lbs. ground beef per week. BUT I make one dish meals, so that might decrease if I made side dishes.

      And finally, can the meat farm(?) and the butcher be found in the yellow pages? Sorry to sound dense, but this is a totally new concept for me.

      I’m sure I have more questions and I’ll try to search for answers. Thanks for any info.

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      Hi, welcome to the boards, the ebook has been discussed at great lengths here on the boards, here are several previous threads that I believe will answer all of the questions you posted above:

      This thread on this topic currently has more than 60 replies:

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      As for the side of beef, the butcher knows how to cut it. They well make suggestions on how they usually cut a side of beef and ask you if thats what you want. We just had a cow butchered in Feb., and got 500 lbs of beef off of it. So in my case I could probably only spend 200.00/month on groceries. Because I’m not spent anymore on buying meat. Now if I was to set and calculate the cost of the cow and the processing and count that in, it might be different. You can call a locate butcher in your area, or you can raise your own cow. Either way.

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      Dear Z0607,
      Don’t go crazy wondering how you could be screwing it up so badly! By going through and gleaning info on this site, you’ll find ways to save money. But the way I drove my budget down was over several years of hoarding! It has taken me almost 4 years but I now have a full 1 year supply of storable food for my family of 7. We just got chickens and next year we’ll get cows again. We have a huge garden and hope to can/dry all our produce. Our goal was to become totally self sufficient by the time my husband retires in August 2010. We figured in our ancestors could take off and homestead out on the plains living on only what they can grow and hunt then with 4 years of planning we should be able to do the same thing! I do count myself lucky as we live way out in the country on 99 acres and have 2 large ponds with fish and a creek. We have tons of wildlife to hunt and hundreds of hickory nut trees, gooseberry bushes and blackberry bushes growing wild to provide free food. You won’t get there overnight but with some planning you can get some food set aside that will help you in hard times and also make it so you can shop for bargains only because you have food at home to live on! I just read an e-mail from a friend who just served a 18 month mission in South America and she said even though the families in her area were very poor they still put food aside for emergencies. She said they’d measure out their rice for the meal and then take 1 handful back out and put it into a jar. when the jar was full they’d store it away for when hard times came. You can always find ways to store food! There is lots of info in different forums archived that you can search when you have time and don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way! Good luck!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Questions from a Newbie