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      I’m guessing you cannot have a “savings acct” at a bank (per Canadian

      rules), but there’s no reason you can’t have an emergency acct at home.

      Start with saving some change, maybe quarters or dimes, in a jar. When you

      have some dollars, change them into Loonies or Twonies. You can keep them in

      your freezer as it would probably be the last thing to burn if you had a

      fire. Keep them in the back on a lower shelf in a container you can’t see

      thru and mark it LIVER or some other (typically) yucky food. (I love liver

      so it wouldn’t work here). 🙂 This is pretty much “the cookie jar

      method”, but a bit safer. You should aim for enough to carry you thru if

      your check is late for some reason. Hope this helps you out.

      Blessings, Andrea in Mass. <>< >Sincerely,

      >Sheri L. Adams, Poet, Artist, Writer

      >Mentor-Woman of Worth



      > 1. What is your ideal percentage of earnings that you would put in

      > into savings?


      > I am not allowed to save money on my disability pension here in Ontario




      With tax season right around the corner, make sure to follow these few

      simple tips.


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