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      I have the same thing go on here. I make her hot dogs and things
      and wrap them in foil and they stay pretty well. I tell you though,
      at least at our school, I can fix her a hamburger put it in a
      sandwich bag in her lunch bag and it will be just as warm as what
      she gets on that tray.

      They cook everything in the morning and it
      is brought out trays at a time so is not really that hot when she
      gets it. Instead of worrying about the warmth, with my daughter 8,
      I go for the nutrition and quality. She gets a meat or protein,
      fruit, dairy, and then I try to sneak in a veggetable (carrot sticks
      or something).

      I know it isn’t popular for the high school crowd to
      take a lunch, but my son 15 is the one suffering with lack of food.
      Their trays are 1.95 for the same amount of food elementary gets for
      1.60. Since free and reduced lunches are only allowed trays, the
      line makes it where he has about 5 minutes to sit and eat by the
      time he gets the tray. The snack bar items are fast food (Taco
      Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, Tom’s Burgers) and is very high.

      We are
      giving him $4.00 a day to eat on, and that $80 a month is hard to
      give up. They have a closed campus, so he can’t come home. Even at
      that, he eats something as soon as he hits the house.

      He has been
      taking fruit and chips, since he has zero hour that starts class at
      6:20a.m. and then baseball after school until 5:30 or 6:00.

      Mrs. B.

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