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Work from Home All Other Ideas question on freelance sites

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      I am looking to do some freelance work in the bookkeeping area. Does anyone know of a site that is good for this? Thanks

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      I worked at home for over a year as a Virtual Assistant before working at our local hospital as a transcriptionist full time. It was tough getting started, but once I did, I loved it.
      One thing I can say is please be careful with those freelance sites you find. i never did get any work from any of them.

      i even gave in and paid money to bid once, and still nothing.
      what is happening is that the freelance job sites are flooded with overseas freelancers that charge and get paid pennies compared to what we need to get. and companies needing good help are actually overlooking us, and using them.
      i actually don’t remember the places i used to ‘hang out’. most of my work came from networking through ryze business networking, and word of mouth.
      i wish the best of luck to you!

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      Thanks I will check that out

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Work from Home All Other Ideas question on freelance sites