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      My husband and I are thinking of moving to Caldwell or Nampa Idaho. If

      anyone is from there or currently lives there, can you please tell me

      about the area for pro’s and con’s… education, weather, gas, food,

      entertainment, healthy-minded? (like natural food stores), and taxes.

      We are from Oregon, so paying taxes a different way is new to me. Thank

      you for any advice you have.

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      Well, Now I don’t know who this is to. I forgot to get the name before I clicked on reply. I live in Boise, Idaho and have since 1975 for 2 years then came back permanently in 1982. You were asking about relocating to Nampa or Caldwell. I love Idaho. Where would you be coming from. We are kind of laid back here. the pace is a bit slower than big cities. We may be smaller but we are just as modern. And being a small city we have a lot more things available to us that you wouldn’t get in a city with a larger populstion.. Let me know, what questions you have. I’ll try to answer them. Kitten

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