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      Try this: And if this doesn’t work it will offer you a way to contact them directly if they can not find an answer for you through the wizard.

      Good luck


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      From: Veronica Craig
      Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 4:43:26 PM
      Subject: : question:


      I was wondering if anyone has a contact number for

      Here is the story, I opened the account there about 8 years ago… I
      used to live somewhere else, used their local bank… well… 8 years
      later I finally started selling books again, however, it is the old
      account and on the website it won’t let me change the routing number,
      only the account number!!! UGH! Sooo frustrating! I have a TON of
      books I need to get rid of, but I can’t access my money from sales!!!


      Veronica Craig

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