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      just a note 🙁 omg, i am so sorry pam, i thought i hit reply, (i didn’t, i hit enter) and i responded to your post only i accidentally deleted your post. i am so sorry!

      i thought your post was very valid, and for those that didn’t get to read it due to my stupidity this evening, pam was gently reminding us that using the “thanks” button at the bottom corner of the posts is a benefit to all members, as well as the person who posted.

      once again, i am so sorry that i hit edit instead of reply. :022:

      I had quoted part of your post & responded:

      In fact I have made a post, had zero comments, maybe 3 THANKS then the same post was made by Liss (2 days later) her post was not deleted,

      please use the report button ()on Any Duplicate Posts, regardless of who posted it. If the post was previously covered, please include the url/permalink in your report so we can find it easily.


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      Don’t get discouraged! It takes a while to really see a lot of “Thanks” on your posts. Sometimes people have time to go through all the new posts & sometimes there are so many new posts that its hard to go through & thank each one, but your submissions are greatly appreciated!

      And don’t be discouraged if you post something & then it gets posted again. It has happened to all of us! 🙂 Its very hard sometimes to make sure you aren’t posting something that has already been posted, but it all evens out in the end.

      Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we always appreciate any freebies, recipes, crafts, etc that are posted! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

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      Pamela. I second that! Your post are appreciated and I know you work hard to get the information to us.

      Some days I’m able to read all the post and some days I just have to pick and choose because of time restriction. I do always try to thank for the post. Like retbalt said please don’t get discouraged. You have some great posts and as people get around to reading them they will chalk up more thanks points.

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      I just did want to give out a person thanx for all your posts !!! I know we all look forward to reading what you have to share !!!

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      Pamela = I understand what you are saying about saying Thank you. I don’t think a thank you is too much to give someone who has taken time to post something for us all to benefit from. when someone clicks onto a post the thank you button is right there by their right hand.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter Question concerning THANKS Points