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      12.0pt;color:black;”>Hi, your a/c compressor is not going to
      run for two reasons, 1st with no refrigerant in the system it won’t
      run because the low pressure switch will keep it off, and 2nd in the
      wintertime an ambient temperature switch tells the compressor not to run because
      a/c is not effective below approx. 40 degrees. So turn on your defrost and be
      safe with no worries. An auto tech for 40 years, Larry

      It shouldn’t turn on the air if you have the temp
      setting high. It might be blowing cold air because the car isn’t warm
      yet, though. But, shaving cream on the window will stop it from
      fogging. Spray shaving cream on a washcloth, then wipe it on the window.
      You can then wipe it off.

      On Dec 8, 2007 11:07 AM, FlyingAndSmiling <> wrote:

      all. I have a 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon. The

      thing I hate is that with Ford when you turn on the Window Defroster

      for the front window it also turns on the Air Conditioner. Well with

      the price of gas I do not use my AC. I did not use it all summer and

      I sure don’t want to use it in the middle of winter. It doesn’t even

      have any freon in it anyway. (Kept me from using it all summer.)

      So anyway is there anything I can put on my windows to keep them from

      fogging over so I don’t have to turn on my window defroster? I am not

      worried about my back just my front window. I want something that is

      going to last and not have to be reapplied all the time. I will admit

      I am sorta on the lazy side when it comes to that.

      Any inexpensive options?? My Budget is extremely tight. With

      Christmas and my daughters birthday this month.




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