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      I don’t think anyone meant to imply that ALL children misbehave but

      lots more are now then used to and those in charge of stores,

      restaurants seem unwilling to say a word.

      I was in a buffet restaurant once – when the people at the table

      across from mine left to get more food a child about 2-3yrs old came

      from about 3 tables away and got into their booth. He ate off their

      dirty plates and drank out of their glasses. When the people

      returned, I told them what had happened and called a waitress over

      and told her. She talked to the parents but the kid was still running

      up and down the aisle. When I left to get more food, I called the

      waitress over again and had her stand by my booth until I returned!!

      It’s not that I don’t like kids, heaven knows I raised 2 boys and

      they were far from perfect – but I didn’t let them disturb others and

      if anyone told me about their bad behavior you can be sure I’d put a

      stop to it immediately. A lot of parents (not all but more than used

      to be) get angry if you say one word about their childs conduct. And

      for some of us “older folks” its not good on our digestive system to

      listen to 15 minutes of screaming with dinner or have a child pulling

      my hair (yep, I’ve had that happen from the booth behind me too!)

      By the way, I also blame the government for some of this – in the

      state of CA its illegal to punish except to spank a child with your

      hand on their butt and I think they are trying to do away with any

      physical punishments. And a lot of parents are afraid to punish

      their child at all in public – so they just don’t do anything.


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