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      I really hate it when people get all constutional. Ever sat down and

      really read it? Seems to me the question was asked about what should

      be done in regards to making a complaint to an establishment and now

      its turned into a flaming of parents with children. Me Thinks things

      have gotten a little off the subject and a bit out of hand. Yes

      everyone has rights, but then again then tend to get way over used

      sometimes too!

      Regards, Elle

      > Children can be disruptive. Guess what- everyone who hates it,

      > chances are, someone looked at you or your children the same way at

      > one time. No parent is perfect. Sometimes, you just have to deal

      > with not having your life be perfect. Kids are a joy, whether

      > everyone agrees or not.



      > — In, “Nancy R” wrote:

      > >

      > > Several times we have asked the waitress to move us to another

      > table. Now when we go out to eat we won’t sit near a family with

      > children. Of course we can’t control what will happen when that

      > family leaves, but so far it has helped. An adults-only area is

      > probably illegal. The only people who now seem to have rights are

      > the trouble-makers.

      > >

      > > Nancy

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