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      Sorry, but that’s rather offensive to people with families. I have

      children, and while we rarely take them places, we almost always

      have random people stopping by the table and complimenting us and

      them on their manners.

      Presuming ALL parents are ill-bred mannerless people, and then

      saying that we’re trouble makers, is offensive. I’m sure in a

      perfect world, you could have your adults only table in an adults

      only place. In the mean time, try going to a bar where kids aren’t

      allowed if you don’t want to be disrupted.

      Children can be disruptive. Guess what- everyone who hates it,

      chances are, someone looked at you or your children the same way at

      one time. No parent is perfect. Sometimes, you just have to deal

      with not having your life be perfect. Kids are a joy, whether

      everyone agrees or not.

      — In, “Nancy R” wrote:


      > Several times we have asked the waitress to move us to another

      table. Now when we go out to eat we won’t sit near a family with

      children. Of course we can’t control what will happen when that

      family leaves, but so far it has helped. An adults-only area is

      probably illegal. The only people who now seem to have rights are

      the trouble-makers.


      > Nancy


      Original Message

      > From: Kelly Weyd


      > We were in Red Lobster Saturday night. Normally we don’t go to

      restaurants anymore, but it was my husbands b-day. This toddler on

      at the next table over screamed the entire time we were there. I

      bit my tongue, but really why on earth don’t people just take the

      screaming kid out. I took my daughter to the car many times when

      she was little, and my husband had the waitress pack our food up. I

      don’t get it.

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