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      First off I have not read all the replies. As far as the first

      persons questions I believe you did the correct thing. I would have

      gotten the manager involved but would have left. At least let the

      manager know why we felt we had to leave.

      with the Child with the gun. I know people feel differently about if

      boys should have guns- I have news for you if you give them one or not

      they will make believe one with other items or their hand. It is a

      boy thing, and yes a parent has a responsibility to talk to their

      children about not pointing it at someone. I also feel that you

      should have said something at least to the child. Parents do not come

      with handbooks and know what to do and what not to do. Maybe it has

      never crossed that parents mind that thier child should not be doing


      Someone said something about “bad parents” I think it is more along

      the lines of being uneducated about parenting and the fact that we

      have a generation that was raised to think mainly about themselves and

      only themselves and how dare someone put them down. Who do they think

      they are saying that to me? This has got to change. We have to start

      caring about each other again or this great country we have the

      privilege of living in is not going to be a great country. We can not

      be so self-consumed! Maybe that parent needs a gentle reminder of

      what their child should or should not do.

      And remember chances of ever seeing that person again are probably

      small anyhow. Be nice but let someone know because maybe no one else

      will let them know. On the other hand it is also nice to let the

      parent who’s child is behaving know also.

      Good luck and hope some of the ideas you got give you the courage to

      do what you should even if you might be a little uncomfortable about

      it at first.

      When you reach the end of your rope you will find the hem of His garment.

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