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      We were in Red Lobster Saturday night. Normally we don’t go to restaurants anymore, but it was my husbands b-day. This toddler on at the next table over screamed the entire time we were there.

      I bit my tongue, but really why on earth don’t people just take the screaming kid out. I took my daughter to the car many times when she was little, and my husband had the waitress pack our food up. I don’t get it.


      Karen wrote: What happened to taking the kid out to the car until
      they stop crying
      and you have control again??? I was one aisle behind a 2-3 yr old that
      was throwing a temper tantrum – after 3 aisles I had a headache. I’d
      worked all night and was really tired too – finally was on the same
      aisle as the tantrum thrower and as I started to pass them the kid
      started in again (he was just catching his breath) I looked at him and
      did a short scream and said “See I can scream louder” (I would not
      normally have done this!!) and walked away.

      Never heard another word
      out of that kid!! KarenMO

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