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      When my kids acted up I would tell I was going to take them to the

      restroom and they knew that meant big trouble when they got home….I

      did take mine to the car sometimes….but found that the bathroom threat

      was more effective with my 2….lol..


      On 12/11/2007, “Nancy R” <> wrote:

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      >From: “Karen” <>

      >> What happened to taking the kid out to the car until they stop crying

      >> and you have control again???


      >The parents are too lazy/unconcerned to do this. If you take the kid to he

      >car or leave, it only takes a few times of doing this for the kid to get the

      >idea that a tantrum won’t work.


      >The worst thing I’ve seen in a while was at Walmart. A young woman had 3

      >little kids with her. The oldest was a boy about 3 years old. He kept

      >telling the mother he had to go to the potty. She was on her cell phone,

      >ignoring all the kids. He must have told her 5 times. He finally wet his

      >pants and of course she went ballistic. Around here we say the “Walmart

      >Child Rearing Method” when we talk about bad parents.



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