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      > What happened to taking the kid out to the car until they stop crying

      > and you have control again???

      The parents are too lazy/unconcerned to do this. If you take the kid to he

      car or leave, it only takes a few times of doing this for the kid to get the

      idea that a tantrum won’t work.

      The worst thing I’ve seen in a while was at Walmart. A young woman had 3

      little kids with her. The oldest was a boy about 3 years old. He kept

      telling the mother he had to go to the potty. She was on her cell phone,

      ignoring all the kids. He must have told her 5 times. He finally wet his

      pants and of course she went ballistic. Around here we say the “Walmart

      Child Rearing Method” when we talk about bad parents.


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