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      You are doing a good job as a parent so far. Your parents raised you

      well and it is showing. Its hard work to be a parent now days and it

      won’t get any easier as the years go by and your child gets older. It

      might be a good idea if you wrote down your concerns on a complaint

      form at Carls Jr. and submitted it to them via the mail. That way

      they can access the situation and address your concerns without

      drawing any attention to you. Its a good idea to try and resolve

      things first and if that doesnt work go up the chain until someone

      listens. Freedom of speech only goes so far and you have a right to

      eat in peace.

      Regards, Elle

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      > Subject: : OT: Moral Degrade — My Peers?

      > Am I being overly sensitive? It really does seem like a moral

      degrade as

      > the generations go by…. Are these parents even trying to raise


      > kids decently?

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