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      No I dont think your being overly sensitive at all. I think you did a great job, andI also agree thatthe manager should definately have been involved, and if they refused to leave, which I think they wouldthe manager shouldinvolvethe police. But I had involved the manager in a wayso the bullies wouldntnoticed it, simply to avoid any consequenses. I think it is very unfortunate that some parents have totally missed out on what it means to be a responsible parent,they are so focused in their own life, career etc that they have no clue what their kids are doing or where they are at.I also believe those bullies are crying for the lostattention that their parents never gave them, they have no respect for you or anyone else for that matter, that is what it seems like to me anyway.Bad attention is better than no attention at all. My husband and I (and we’re not that old – 37-40 often wonder why some parents
      lets their kids get away with being loud and running around in places where it is not appropriate, retailstores, restaurants etc. We areraisingour13 yr old son to be very respectfull, honest, polite etc person and individual. Thanks, Maja

      Trænger du til at se det store billede? Kelkoo giver dig gode tilbud på LCD TV!

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