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      as someone who uses more foul language than I should, your best bet would have been to say something to the manager so that they could address it.

      I would NEVER curse in an open restaurant, and believe me I have a mouth likea sailor – not proud of it, just facts and a very bad habit.

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      Original Message
      From: Brandon Skinner
      Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2007 11:39 PM
      Subject: : OT: Moral Degrade — My Peers?

      Tonight my wife and two kids went to Carl’s Jr for dinner, making a last minute decision to eat in.

      The night started off great as the cashiers were nice enough to bring dinner to us where we sat and made sure that we had ketchup and the whole 9 yards. A little while later, a group of guys came in. There were about 5 or 6 of them with two girls. The sat down pretty near us, only divided by a partition wall maybe as tall as my waste. Needless to say, we could hear every word, which normally wouldn’t bother us as people are obnoxious all the time. Unfortunately they were dropping the f-bomb every five seconds and were pretty loud and really vulgar otherwise.

      My son in 21 months old. Hes repeating EVERYTHING. Hes started telling us don’t before we can tell him don’t. He started saying sit before we tell him to and pronounces our dogs name Bella to perfection. I couldn’t just sit there and let them keep talking like this in front of my son and even in front of us. Last thing I need is my son calling out in a dead quiet congregation at church the f-bomb as the speaker gives the public talk.

      So, I walked over the partition, very kindly said, “I don’t mean to bother you, but my son is 20 months old, can you please watch the language?” and the guy sitting directly in front of me said, “Alright, man”

      As I turned around to sit down some of the guys started making comments, “I don’t f****ing care.” I thought they were just being smart and would stop, but it started getting worse, so, my wife and I got the kids, she wrapped up her food and we left.

      We were SHOCKED to see two other families who had small children and watched me request they watch their language, leave with us. One of the dads came over to me and said, “I guess they come in all types, probably drunk, don’t let them get to you” implying that we should not let it ruin our night. They clearly left due to the guys being so vulgar, their little girl kept turning around and smiling and giggling at Kaden. It was nice to have a perfect stranger walk up and respect my attempts and decision to leave.

      What is with kids these days? I mean, I’ll be 22 in January and just don’t have such disregard for people. I mean, these guys were my age and a couple years older. I understand they are going to be vulgar and nasty and obnoxious, but even before I had kids, when I had a nasty mouth, had ANYONE asked me not to because of their kids I would have immediately apologized and changed my language. I just can’t believe they had such a complete disregard for anyone sharing the same air they believe and with KIDS at that!

      Should I have got the manager involved? Should I had said anything else, or just left like I did? Its sad that we can’t enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant, and we shouldn’t have to leave early to avoid such an environment.

      Then again, maybe I’m too sensitive. Yesterday my wife and I went to Macy’s for some clothes and while pushing the stroller around some 3 or 4 year kid in a stroller took one of those toy black guns with the orange plastic piece and pointed it at my son and said “Bang! Bang!”.. I was livid. I know he didn’t know but what the heck is the parent thinking??? Why would she allow him to even play with one, especially if he doesn’t know not to point it at people and make such gestures. I circled back around to cross paths again and was going to tell him, “NO! We don’t point that at people!” but my wife said, lets just go hunny, though she admitted she wanted to comment to the mom.

      Am I being overly sensitive? It really does seem like a moral degrade as the generations go by…. Are these parents even trying to raise their kids decently?

      Sorry this was so long! Suggestions/Comments welcome.

      Brandon Skinner

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