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      Hi Brandon,
      Bravo to you for standing up for morality!!! I would have done the same thing but when they didn’t stop with the F bombs I would have gone to the manager. I would not have left until I did everything I could to show these punks their behavior is not acceptable in public! What is wrong with the other adults who just walk away or sit and tolerate it??? To me they’re just as much to blame. We need to stop turning our heads to immorality and start making a stand. I would have called the police if the manager would have allowed them to stay after talking with them and not getting anywhere.

      With the gun situation I have a different view. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with kids playing with toy guns. But, I have a big problem with violent video games, movies, etc. When it’s done in play I see it differently. My 9 yr. old still finds different toys and such and plays with his friends like they’re shooting each other. To me that’s all part of being a boy.

      Your son is very blessed to have a father that really wants the best for his precious son!


      In a message dated 12/9/2007 5:59:18 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:
      Should I have got the manager involved? Should I had said anything else, or just left like I did? Its sad that we can’t enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant, and we shouldn’t have to leave early to avoid such an environment.

      Then again, maybe I’m too sensitive. Yesterday my wife and I went to Macy’s for some clothes and while pushing the stroller around some 3 or 4 year kid in a stroller took one of those toy black guns with the orange plastic piece and pointed it at my son and said “Bang! Bang!”.. I was livid. I know he didn’t know but what the heck is the parent thinking??? Why would she allow him to even play with one, especially if he doesn’t know not to point it at people and make such gestures. I circled back around to cross paths again and was going to tell him, “NO! We don’t point that at people!” but my wife said, lets just go hunny, though she admitted she wanted to comment to the mom.

      Am I being overly sensitive? It really does seem like a moral degrade as the generations go by…. Are these parents even trying to raise their kids decently?

      Sorry this was so long! Suggestions/Comments welcome.

      Brandon Skinner

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