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      Hi Sherry, If the oil is used to fry donuts or vegies I save and reuse it but I pour it in a container after it cools and cover it. Wal-Mart sells an aluminum grease container for this very purpose but a coffee can works fine. Grease kept in an open pot on the stovepot is a fire hazard so I would not recommend this and also bugs can fly into the grease. Yuk. I don’t reuse oil that is used to fry meat but I do save bacon grease for seasoning. I keep this in a mason jar in the fridge. Annette in Alabama

      Sherry wrote: Long story short, my mother in law moved in with us about 5 months ago.

      She will fry something and save the oil. Does anyone else do this? Is
      it safe?

      Most of the time it looks a little darker, but you can not really tell
      that it has been used. While I do not really like the idea because I am
      wondering what is growing in it, she insists on saving it. usally not
      covered. ( my iron skillet has a perment home sitting on my stove full
      of oil. She got mad because I refused to let my children eat food that
      was cooked in oil that had been sitting there for a week. She and my
      husband ate it and did not get sick, so, am I wrong? is it ok???

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