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      …It’s kind of like when you’recooking with a deep-fryer. Instead of throwing away the oil each time, you can just strain it and store it for use again the next time. I keep mine in a tupperware container (after it cools) so dust & stuff like that doesnt get into it. The oil isnt “good forever” though; should only be used 7 or 8 times… or until it starts smelling bad. You can tell the difference (by smell) between good oil and oil which has been used too many times; it’ll start getting kind of a sour acrid smell, and the appearance will be dark/ unsavory-looking. If it starts smelling like the food you cooked in it (or a combination of different foods), then it’s old & should be replaced. It should smell somewhat similar to the smell that new oil/ unused in the container has (you can compare smells between the two).


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