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      Is she Southern by any chance?LOL

      I am Southern, and every older female member of my family has “saved” cooling oil. Some of them even had little cans sitting beside the stove to hold it. I personally don’t do it (I think it’s gross and nasty) but no one in my family has ever been sick from cooking with it. Sometimes they will even fry a potato sliced in it to “clean” it, before cooking the intended item…and no, it’s put in the refrigerator for storage…only bacon grease gets the stored in the fridge.

      It sorta seems to go in stages-lighter stuff is fried w/clean new oil, then maybe something heavier flavored (fritters, hushpuppies, salmon patties) and lastly catfish- then it is usually dumped for good and they start over.

      Good luck and I wish you much patience..

      Lisa G.

      Long story short, my mother in law moved in with us about 5 months ago.

      She will fry something and save the oil. Does anyone else do this? Is
      it safe?

      Most of the time it looks a little darker, but you can not really tell
      that it has been used. While I do not really like the idea because I am
      wondering what is growing in it, she insists on saving it. usally not
      covered. ( my iron skillet has a perment home sitting on my stove full
      of oil. She got mad because I refused to let my children eat food that
      was cooked in oil that had been sitting there for a week. She and my
      husband ate it and did not get sick, so, am I wrong? is it ok???

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