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      Hi Sherry,

      Just my 2 cents worth (probably worth what you pay for it :)…

      Having worked in food service for several years, we had our fryers

      full of oil constantly, for chicken, fries, fish, hush puppies,

      whatever. The oil was strained daily to help keep it fresh, never

      refigerated, and worked great, it just stayed in the fryer. Most

      store delis do this, as well as restaurants, and we always had to

      pass health inspections (mine usually got scores in the high 90’s).

      We added to it as it went down, and as it got darker and didn’t look

      so good, that’s when we would change it out. I think just by

      reheating it to the stage needed for frying would kill any bacteria

      you’d be worried about. Straining it well is the key. We strained it

      through large paper strainers, not unlike coffee filters. That

      trapped the sediment from batters, cornmeal, etc…which would

      contribute to off odors. Fish tended to “smell it up” the worse, so

      we usually changed out oil on Friday nights after fish was fried. In

      other words, we used it constantly for a week before changing it.

      Also, you probably wouldn’t want to use it to fry donuts if it had

      chicken in it prior. Not that it would hurt you but you’d probably

      taste it. As said on other responses, if it gets a funny smell, toss

      it. That old “when in doubt throw it out” has some merit here. Good

      luck, you might need it with 2 cooks in the kitchen!! I went through

      that once, just remember it still is your kitchen :0)


      — In, “Sherry” wrote:


      > Long story short, my mother in law moved in with us about 5 months



      > She will fry something and save the oil. Does anyone else do this?


      > it safe?


      > Most of the time it looks a little darker, but you can not really


      > that it has been used. While I do not really like the idea because

      I am

      > wondering what is growing in it, she insists on saving it. usally


      > covered. ( my iron skillet has a perment home sitting on my stove


      > of oil. She got mad because I refused to let my children eat food


      > was cooked in oil that had been sitting there for a week. She and


      > husband ate it and did not get sick, so, am I wrong? is it ok???


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