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      Hi! I keep an old fashioned glass-topped mason jar by my stove for

      this very purpose. The amounts of oil I keep are pretty small, and we

      go through it at a pretty decent rate, so I’m not scared, LOL. Mom did

      it for years – even with bacon fat – and we were an exceptionally

      healthy family. Use your own discretion, though. I don’t let pig meat

      in the house, anymore. – C

      — In, annette lisenbe



      > Hi Sherry,


      > If the oil is used to fry donuts or vegies I save and reuse it but

      I pour it in a container after it cools and cover it. Wal-Mart sells

      an aluminum grease container for this very purpose but a coffee can

      works fine. Grease kept in an open pot on the stovepot is a fire

      hazard so I would not recommend this and also bugs can fly into the

      grease. Yuk. I don’t reuse oil that is used to fry meat but I do save

      bacon grease for seasoning. I keep this in a mason jar in the fridge.

      > Annette in Alabama

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