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      I have been a member for a while and have been lurking for a long

      time, yet now I have a question for everyone.

      I may be moving here soon. I may be moving from Kansas to Nebraska.

      This may or may not happen I am not sure, yet if it does it will

      happen at tax time next year.

      My question is what is all consisted of moving from one state to

      another. What is the cost of it all and what is the least expensive

      way to make the transistion.

      I was wondering about like my car, tags, insurance, and just

      everything associated with it all.

      What do I have to look forward to, I don’t want to have everything

      planned out and forget about something and then suddenly not have the

      money to do it with.

      I have Allstate Insurance for my car will that be affected, my car

      tags I will probably have to renew here, do I have to transfer when I

      get there, or can I wait till the renewall time there. When it comes

      to moving, do I have to have my car inspected in the new state to get

      the tags since I am moving from a different state.

      My daughter is on Healthwave medical insurance. Do I have to reapply

      there or does it just get transferred?

      I mean I have so much to think about and I wanted to know if there

      was anyone out there who has done it and have an idea of what I need

      to look forward to.

      Thank you all in advance


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