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      My response will be in this color.
      My question is what is all consisted of moving from one state to another. What is the cost of it all and what is the least expensive way to make the transition. This depends on how many are moving, what you are taking, where you are going, time of year, etc.

      I was wondering about like my car, tags, insurance, and just everything associated with it all.
      Varies from state to state. In Florida there is an automatic $100 tag fee, plus taxes, title, to transfer. DL are cheap here but since it is a no fault state insurance is higher.

      You should shop around for insurance rates.
      What do I have to look forward to, I don’t want to have everything planned out and forget about something and then suddenly not have the money to do it with.
      Again, up to you but that is a long trip. When we moved to Florida a year and a half ago we had $1300 between us, an overloaded truck pulling a tiny trailer, a van, and our three year old daughter plus a ton of pets! We had no idea where we would live so it was like a roller coaster ride.

      I will never do that again and Florida is closer to Indiana where we moved from than you are to Nevada.
      I have Allstate Insurance for my car will that be affected, my car tags I will probably have to renew here, do I have to transfer when I get there, or can I wait till the renewall time there.
      do not renew tags if you plan to move soon or you will pay double as other states will require you to change over tags, and dl within 30 days to 6 months.

      It varies by the state.
      When it comes to moving, do I have to have my car inspected in the new state to get the tags since I am moving from a different state. This varies according to states. California will not give you tags if your car will not pass an emissions test and you could face fines.

      Florida has no such testing except in the larger cities like Miami.
      My daughter is on Healthwave medical insurance. Do I have to reapply there or does it just get transferred? If you switch employers most likely you will need new insurance.

      Remember insurance is usually specific to that state and costs can vary.
      Check out these web sites.

      Also, research your area, look at the job market and housing market online, check out gas prices and schools. I would also consider weather, taxes, etc. These can be found on state websites and the Nevada motor vehicle website.

      We have wanted to move back home for over a year, but I refuse to go on a whim again and it takes time to build yourself up to make a safe move. We now have a motor home to live in (housing solved), we have a good truck and a good trailer and have lightened our load a lot. I also figure a dollar more for gas than it currently is and map quest the distance and estimate gas usage on the worst possible case (4mpg).

      Then set aside money to eat on as sandwiches are noble, but on the road McDonald’s is pretty darn good! I also leave a cushion of $500 for emergencies, and $150 traveling money. We sleep in our motor home, but you will need to figure $50 a day for a motel.

      When you travel with kids or older cars
      you cannot go fast or you will burn your car up and lose your hair cos your kids are upset and tired. Also, give your self a realitic time frame, say four days to get there. In case you break down, inclimate weather, detours, etc you will still be ok.

      Make sure your car is in tip top shape, keep valuables and important papers in a safe in your trunk. Try to not carry cash, bank card, prepaid Visa or traveler’s checks are better. Stay safe, keep hydrated, and carry a cell phone or a CB radio to call for help.

      Hope this helps.

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