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      On Sun, 10 Aug 2008 21:59:47 -0000, you wrote:

      >I have been a member for a while and have been lurking for a long

      >time, yet now I have a question for everyone.


      >I have Allstate Insurance for my car will that be affected, my car

      >tags I will probably have to renew here, do I have to transfer when I

      >get there, or can I wait till the renewall time there. When it comes

      >to moving, do I have to have my car inspected in the new state to get

      >the tags since I am moving from a different state.

      You have to get tags in the new state within thirty days. Allstate

      will recalculate your insurance based on your new zip code. Some

      states do not require a inspection. Ask at the DMV.


      >My daughter is on Healthwave medical insurance. Do I have to reapply

      >there or does it just get transferred?

      Depends on the insurance and if there are doctors and hospitals that

      accept it in the new area.


      >I mean I have so much to think about and I wanted to know if there

      >was anyone out there who has done it and have an idea of what I need

      >to look forward to.

      First and last months rent. Deposits for utilities. Deposits on a

      house or apartment. Don’t forget to transfer all of your mail.


      >Thank you all in advance



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