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      A lot of this stuff you have asked about will vary from one state to

      another. As to the insurances, ask your car insurance agent. At

      worst, you rate will go up, you should not have to change your

      policy, just change your location on the policy. The accident rate

      of the area you move to will affect the rate: if it goes up, down, or

      stays the same. Also, call your medical insurance company and ask

      them about transferring. I have never heard of Healthwave so I have

      no idea of what their policy is.

      Tags and inspection of car: I assume the new state would want

      *their* inspection tag to go with the plates. Wait on the

      inspection. Plus, not all states require an inspection. Arkansas

      does not, but the police can do an inspection as part of stopping the

      car. Tags will not “transfer” from one state to another. Contact

      the department of motor vehicles in the state you will be moving to

      and ask them how long you will have to change over your car tags. I

      assume that since your tags will expire before you move, you will

      still need to have your car inspected and tags renewed where you live

      now. You will also eventually have to have your drivers license

      changed, too. I have no idea of the time limit on that, and if you

      will have to take a test in the new state.

      Moving expenses: if you can get your stuff boxed up and get friends

      to help load the truck, then get help unloading the truck, that will

      be the least expensive way, even if you have to rent a large truck to

      move. If you need to, you can actually find moving companies that

      will allow you to load the truck, then drive the truck to the new

      location for you, then let you unload.

      Ann in Arkansas

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