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      We have had students from Castile, Spain; Hagi, Japan; San Salvador,

      El Salvador; Tcomasina, Madagascar; Copenhagen, Denmark.

      Of course the experience was mixed. It really depending on how the

      student “saw” Americans. This experience totally depends on your

      mindset and lifestyle.

      Look into the students background, ask questions on their lifestyle.

      What their perception of what “America” is to them. There are

      students who will abuse being a guest because they think that

      Americans can purchase things at whim. One of my Japanese students

      flooded the bathroom because she was used to the soaking tubs and

      didn’t understand why ours didn’t work the same way. I’m Asian and

      completely forgot to talk about this. Electricity bills went waaay

      up. Some already knew the difference. It’s a matter of sitting down

      and explaining the rules in the house, what your household does and

      doesn’t do.

      One student needed their time for prayer and a particular diet. At

      that time, it was a hassle to prepare particular foods because I

      didn’t have time. So we took an afternoon to prepare foods, everyone

      in the house helped and learned. We froze the bags, labeled them so

      the students could prepare them if no one was around.

      I think the main idea: do you have time to do this? Are you willing

      to do the extra steps to keep this student in your home? Be

      communicative. Be clear on expectations, talk with parents.

      Make it clear whether you will provide money or not.

      I’m trying to condense it as best I can. But it’s a 2 way gift…and

      there is work but it’s lessened on how prepared you are.

      good luck,


      — In, M F wrote:


      > I would like to know if you or someone you know took in a foreign

      exchange students. What culture were they from and what was your

      experience. Would you suggest it to someone who never had a foreign

      student. Are some cultures easier to have than other. I was told

      that children from Asia are easier than from Europe. We are

      considering helping out.


      > Your input is appreciated.


      > Melissa








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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Question about foreign exchange students