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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas question about eggs

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      Hi everyone 🙂
      I have a question about freezing cooked eggs for breakfast sandwhiches. I noticed that the McMom recipes call for cooked egg whites frozen after. Is there some reason we cant freeze the cooked egg yolk?

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      Scramble the egg(s) and they will freeze fine. The whole yolk does not otherwise survive freezing well. I make homemade egg McMuffins all time time this way, using a metal ring to make the scrambled egg round.

      However, I find using EggBeaters this way is faster.

      You can also freeze raw whole eggs if you scramble them first.

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      thank you so much. I love to cook and there are times when it is easier for me to cook then others. So this will definetly help, making sure hubby eats breakfast lol

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      I cook the eggwhites for health reasons, but there is no reason why you could not cook the whole egg and freeze. I just dont like the extra fat and calories, well I do like it, just makes me fatter than I already am. LOL

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      WOW, I never thought about freezing eggs, lots I need to learn.

      Have a good weekend.

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      You can scramble and freeze individual eggs in an ice cube tray (I use the small muffin silicone tray) and then pop out and store permanently in freezer bags. Great way to guarantee you have eggs on hand.

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      mcnerd, This is a good tip — putting them in a ice cube tray….Great way to store, then dropping cubes in a freezer bag.

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      Freezing the eggs in an ice cube tray is great. This helps to keep them fresh-you are only suppose to keep them for three weeks in your fridge. If you do mix up one egg and freeze it keep track of how many cubes it will make to know how many to thaw to use in a recipe to make one egg.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas question about eggs