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      I got some great deals at Walmart yesterday. All their Christmas merchandise was

      75% off. I’ve been wanting to decorate using the pine garland with white lights

      for a long time, but never bought them because at Christmas time, I’m more about

      getting the kids gifts than new decorations. I got them for $1.55/box (15 feet

      per box). I was really pleased. In fact, I got 10 boxes because I want to use it

      both in and outside of the house next year. I also got huge packs of different

      sized boxes for about $1/pack (5 to a pack) and, large things of wrapping paper

      for.60/a piece, gift tissue for .45 a pack, and they were the double size. I’ll

      use the solid colored ones thru the year and put the holiday designed ones away.

      I got 3 boxes of really pretty cards for less than a dollar. I know there is

      more but I can’t remember. I don’t need a thing for Christmas next year to make

      the house look pretty. I spent only about $30 altogether and I’m fine with that.

      My van is full of my prizes :]. i figured i won’t bring all the bags into the

      house and stress myself out until i get the storage bins up from the basement

      today lol.

      if i am really smart, finally, this year i will actually pick up gifts as i see

      them on sale as the year goes on. i say that every year, so i’m not counting on




      from: herlean <>

      Date: 2008/01/03 Thu PM 09:56:12 CST


      Subject: Re: : Question about Christmas Clearence Gift sets

      I did pick up a few tableclothes and runners at 75% at

      Target. Also, a few rolls of wrapping paper and I did get

      two boxes of Christmas cards.

      Next year, our son will be approaching 3 years old. He

      will be more excited about opening his gifts than he was

      this year.


      unexpected_data_after_address@.syntax-error. wrote:

      > i have always tried to catch the after christmas

      > clearance….i have

      > never had polish dry up or any other problems like

      > that…the only

      > problems i have is my dd is now 13 and she wants it

      > all…..or room for

      > storage…I wish I had a gift closet…but we are in a

      > very small

      > house…lol…



      > LaRae


      > On 1/2/2008, “D Meyer” <> wrote:


      > >I Love shopping the clearence , but wondering if the

      > body gift sets,

      > >fragrances, nail polish sets, will make it to next year

      > or the fall. I have

      > >never saved any of these more than a month or 2. I would

      > hate to buy and

      > >then have the nail polish dry up or the glitter make up

      > dry etc. Any tips

      > >would be greatly appreciated. Happy 2008 to all Thanks

      > Danielle



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