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      when cellphones were still pretty new, my sister got my niece one. One night her

      and her girlfriend were driving and were being followed by a guy in a car who

      tried to get them to pull over. The girls were able to call the police from the

      cell phone. The police told them what street to turn down and when they did they

      were met by 3 cop cars and the man was pulled over. I don’t know what ever

      happened or what the guy’s intentions were but thank God it ended safely for the

      girls. Things can and do happen. They aren’t always this dramatic, but cars do

      break down or get flats. I like knowing my daughters will be able to call for

      help and remain safely in their car until it arrives.

      Can’t put a pricetag on that.


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      Subject: : question about cell phones / safety

      I’m surprised it has that many, LOL. They are a safety factor. When I was

      starting to drive, many years ago, you had a problem, people would stop and help

      you, and you could accept that help. Nowadays, no one will help, and you are

      afraid to let anyone help because of all the weirdos….thanks, I will keep my


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      My husband is a truck driver too and I feel much better knowing he has this

      phone with him as he drives at night. Our plan has free nights and weekends so

      he doesn’t use hardly any minutes at all.

      My oldest daughter just passed her written test for her driver’s learners

      permit. More now than ever, I feel good about her having a phone on her. Our

      town has ONE payphone, thats it!


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List question about cell phones / safety