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      HMMM well I own 3 home businesses and printer ink and technology is definately a NEED for me.. if I want to continue my businesses.

      We just went to Cartridge world and got a discount on cartridges and my boyfriend/business partner seems to think the cartridges are better…and we get a discount when we turn in our old ones….(good for environment also)

      just my 2cents


      Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 20:00:55 +0000
      Subject: : Re: printer question

      Over the past few years, many big name companies have started using
      microchips to monitor the ink level left in a cartridge. That microchip
      knows when the cartridge should be empty, and doesn’t recognize a

      I do disagree with the “FORCED to buy a brand new very expensive
      cartridge every time!” simply because people can get away without
      printing stuff. We own a printer- which is still in the box, in the
      closet, where it’s been since we were given it.

      I don’t print things- and when I absolutely need something printed
      (which is maybe once every other week), my husband prints it off for me.

      It’s insane what people are willing to buy, because they think they
      NEED it, as opposed to WANTING it. I know people do use printers for
      work & school, but the average family uses it to print out stuff that
      isn’t needed, but rather, wanted.

      Technology isn’t needed. It’s wanted.

      — In, Herlean wrote:
      > In my experience, many ink manufacturers do something to the
      cartridges so you either can not refill the things at all; or if you
      do, they don’t work nearly as well as they did to start with. It is
      horrible! You are FORCED to buy a brand new very expensive cartridge
      every time!
      > Herlean

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