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      I have been thinking about making some, I’m not sure how to go about it.

      How do you make yours and what do you put in them?

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      I use a griddle or a frying pan. No oil. Dry heat medium. Fill them with anything you want chicken, steak, ground beef, lots of cheese, taco seasoning, salsa. heat on one side until for about five minutes, flip and heat on the other side until the cheese is melted together. This is one of those lovely foods that you just can’t do wrong.

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      My kids like them with just cheese. But I cheat, I put mine in the microwave. And then slice it like a pizza, dip it in any kind of sauce you want. My kids like to dip it in ranch dressing. It’s a fast snack.

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      I bought a quesadilla maker from target but you can also use a sandwich maker (or even a frying pan). It works great since it squishes everything just right and makes the perforated lines to cut it.

      I usually try to make them as close to Mexican restarants with meat, cheese, refried beans, sour cream, and guacamole. You can make it easier and just buy all these things at the store already made… canned beans, shredded cheese, container of cream cheese, package of guacamole by the deli…

      And for the meat, all you need really is the taco seasoning mix from the grocery store and then add some of it (+water) to your meat in a skillet. I like to do it with shrimp, it comes out great! You can also use ground beef, but ground turkey is so much healthier and I promise you can’t even taste the difference (atleast i cant!).

      And you can do this instead of quesadillas, its pretty much the same with tacos and burritos – we’ve done those too… it just depends on what you buy (taco shells or tortillas).

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      I butter my Whole Wheat tortillas on one side and fill with what ever we have on hand. Kids just use cheese for a fast lunch but if we have more time we’re lible to throw green onions, peppers, salsa and chicken with the cheese.

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