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      I’ve reduced carbs. For breakfast I would have protein and fruit, typically egg whites (2 eggs)and half a grapefruit, then 2 hrs later the same. Then 2 hrs later, lunch would be 3 oz protein (chicken breast, or other parts without skin, turkey patties, salmon patties, etc), tons of veggies (salad, steamed anything), and about 2 oz carb (I love steamed white rice, but will go for whole wheat breads/pastas). 2-3 hrs later, snack, usually apples with peanut butter. Then dinner is pretty much the same as lunch (turkey chili with kidney beans), low sodium crackers or even pasta (still about 2 oz), more veggies (salad). And if necessary 2 hrs later another snack of fruit. It is tough on a budget. I try to get as much of the veggies on sale (frozen/fresh), will pay extra for ground turkey or low fat ground beef. Chicken, I will usually try to clean up myself, fat, skin and bones off. A
      lot of low fat/sodium chicken broth to cook the veggies. Sodium free sauces. Tons of water. Flavored coffee (french vanilla, hazlenut, Irish cream) with Splenda, no creams…$1.07/day of $2/day food allowance. I’ve even taking a liking to green tea for the cold days. Exercise is tough to squeeze in, so I take the stairs whenever I can (I work on the 3rd floor), park as far as I can at the stores and at work. And try to play outside with the kids as much as possible (5 and 7 y/o daughters). I lost under 10 lbs in a month, but the way my clothes fit was a lot more important that what the scale had to say. Good luck to you. Cathy

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