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      When I first started this diet it was Michael Thurmond’s Six Week Body Makeover (http://www.mybodymakeover.com/). I’m sure all of you have seen the informercial. Once you purchase the program, you answer several pages of questions about your health, family health, and eating habits. From there, you are categorized as to what type of eating/exerise program is right for you. I happen to be a type C. I have slipped from his regimine with having a more fatty meat, but yet still meat. I’ve squeezed in a few extra carbs, and I haven’f followed his exercise regimen to a T, but have seen results. I started it in October 2006 and by December I had lost 30 lbs (10 lbs a month) not too shabby, but I didn’t reach my 50 lbs choice. I was derailed in December because of surgery and of course the holidays. I just returned to it
      this Feb 2006 and have lost 10 lbs, it was tough to exercise when my family had the bout of the flu this month too. I’m not trying to sell the product, it defintely depends on your budget. But the little bit of the eating plan Ishared is just a small portion of the program. He does have a cookbook and if you take the time to read some of the blogs on his site, there are some recipes shared there. The egg-whites can be expensive, they are $1.74 a box at my local WM, and I use 2.5 of them a week. I have also eaten baked chicken breast (left over from the night before) instead of the eggs. If you add salsa, it helps a great deal on adding flavor. Instead of grapefruit, I’ve replaced it with strawberries, pineapple (fresh and canned), and even mandarin oranges (my favorite). Fish is also a good change. But keep away from the catfish and halibut, they tend
      to be fattier. Tuna has also been my “budget” choice. Reduce the salt (dont want the water gain), use Splenda (tastes better than equal) – usually get free from work cafeteria, low sodium salsas and a lot of Ms. Dash (try the flavors). I know these items can be pricy, but they do last. I try to stock up on sales as much as possible. The program also touts using organic foods, but they are so pricy here, I won’t make that sacrifice. One last thing, I find sipping hot tea/coffee really helps my hunger pains in between. But I found by the 2nd week, I didn’t suffer from them as much. Good luck.

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