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      Hi everyone!
      Just had to share my exprience with Purina ProPlan Senstitve Skin/Systems. I have a small spaniel mix who has almost always had a problem with dry, flaky skin, “doggy dandruff”, and diarehea. We could never figure out what caused the conditions. We just thought it was “normal” for her, not the diarehea though.

      After several vet appts. and tests, there was still no diagnosis for the diareha except her food. At the time, she was on Pedigree.

      Our vet mentioned food/skin allergies but we couldn’t afford the testing so we opted to try switching Lucky’s food instead. It’s somewhat on the pricey side but worth every penny. Since a lot of dogs can and probably do have some type of food allergy (dogs can be highly allergic to beef, chicken, wheat, eggs…I can’t remember the rest of them but those are pretty high on the list from what I understand), the Purina ProPlan has salmon as the only protein source.

      Lucky really likes it. Since she’s been eating the ProPlan (about 6 weeks now), her skin looks much better and no doggy dandruff. The diarhea is non-existent and is no longer a problem.

      The Purina ProPlan isn’t cheap as mentioned above but I think the benefits outweigh the price. I can’t even estimate how much money we spent on carpet cleaner because of Lucky’s “oopsies” in the house due to the diarehhea. Purina One is also excellent, my cats eat it.

      I’ve noticed so much of a difference in all of my cats. Sampson is a 13 yr old who is overweight and wouldn’t be active all that much. Since I put all 3 cats on Purina One Sensitive Systems, they all have been more active, they look better, and Sampson doesn’t throw up as much.

      Sampson has a senstive tummy so he used to vomit almost constantly and he wasn’t sick. it was his food. Sampson rarely vomits now except hairballs and it’s less frequent.

      The Purina One is also on the pricey side but you can get it at Wal-Mart for a pretty decent price. You can also send Purina an e-mail and they will send you coupons.

      Michelle (Mommy to 4 fur babies–Lucky, Sampson, Engine, & Coco)

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