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      This is the recipe that my family always makes. I made it green for St.
      Patrick’s day and everyone thought it was great. We didn’t add the sherbet.
      Cindy in al, home grown in ks
      here you go.

      this is so easy and so delicious and cheap.

      2 pkgs. kool aid any color ( kind of go with the holiday with the color )
      1 1/2 cups of sugar can use a little less
      2 quarts water
      1 (46 oz) pineapple juice
      1 quart gingerale ***we substitute this for 6 cans of 7-up

      You can mix the first four ingredients together and chill. Then when ready
      to serve add the gingerale or pop, and 1 quart of sherbet match flavor with
      kool aid as much as possible.

      This probably makes about 25 servings unless you use the bigger cups. I
      would triple for this for the Eagle Award. Unless this will be the only

      Hope this helps. Enlightened in Kansas

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