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      I love when I do good at the store! Congrats on all that cereal! I

      shop at Big Y (sometimes the prices are a little higher but our store

      has a “daycare” FREE for up to 2 hours so for me it’s worth it to not

      have to take the kids shopping) and always do so good! Last week I

      went and got the necessities and some fruit my order was $71.53 after

      my coupons and bottle returns it was $35.35 Half price! I was VERY



      — In, “barbara_hrpr”



      > Today I got two boxes of General Mills cereal for free after buying

      > two, which I had a dollar off coupon for. I got 4 boxes of cereal for

      > 7.48. I got Frosted Cherrios, Trix, Lucky Charms and Fruity

      > Cherrios. And at Super Walmart I got two Post brand cereal for 1.64 a

      > piece and I had a .75 coupon for those. So I now have 6 boxes of

      > cereal, but my boys eat it alot for snack time and bed time snack


      > ofcourse breakfast. Cereal is generally so darned high, but I thought

      > I did pretty good today. My whole grocery order came to 159.?? and

      > with coupons it came down to 134.?? I have a pretty good stockpile

      > going of personal care products going now. I’m trying to get a Sunday

      > paper every week for the coupons so I can match them with sales. Barb


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