Protein Mug Cake

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      Protein Mug Cake
      2 tbs coconut flour
      1 tbs chocolate protein powder
      1/4 tsp baking powder
      1 tbs Stevia
      1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
      1/4 cup egg whites
      2 tbs unsweetened vanilla almond milk
      Mix Ingredients until smooth then pour into greased mug.
      Bake in microwave in mug for 1-3 minutes at 70% power checking every minute.
      Chocolate Drizzle:
      1 tbs smooth, all-natural peanut butter
      2-3 dark chocolate chips
      Melt peanut butter and chocolate until smooth and pour over your cake!
      Enjoy! Serves 1lightning smilie

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      Yes! I’ve tried this and it tastes good! You reminded me again so I’ll be doing this for our breakfast again.

      This is really the easiest and quickest possible to prepare in an early morning.

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      Great! This recipe is so easy;-D You can make it for one, two, four, or how ever many you need to feedgiggle smiley Kids love it ’cause they think that they are eating dessert!


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