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      I’ve found my ferret has given me reason to believe that not only is she intelligent but a little bit more human-like than most of my last pets.

      1. She returns to her cage to go in her own bed when she’s tired.
      2. She moved one of the rags I gave her so she doesn’t have to touch the cold bottom of her cage when she eats.

      She’s oddly well behaved for a ferret. Doesn’t bite/nip/scratch. Doesn’t steal stuff to hide either.

      She’s a bit of a tattle tale. She’ll set the cat up to get the cat in trouble in front of me then look at me like “punish the cat. NOW”

      She will go back to her own cage for bathroom. I didn’t teach her that- and ferrets usually just look for the best corner rather than go all the way back to a cage

      What about you guys? How are your pets smarter than the average pet? Or otherwise?

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      my kitty crawls under the blanket when she’s cold. and the other one gets me up at 6am by scratching on the mirror/sliding door and won’t stop till im up or really angry. both cry every night for dinner at exactly 8pm.

      not sure how else. 🙂

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      Even though I have moved my cat’s canned food a couple of different times she seems to know the exact location and every morning is meowing to get it. She can also be in a closet and hear someone pull in the drive and runs to sit in the front window then will be right at the door as soon as it opens to say hello 🙂

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      stars- Not many pets actually use blankets so she’s a pretty smart cat~ I’ve noticed I can tell time pretty well by sun lighting, maybe your cats are using the same method ;3

      Wilbe- And her food’s in a can? Wow, the cats here can’t find their container of food so they annoy us until we give it to them. So is part of the reason she knows people are there timing or is it just being able to hear or predict?

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      Her food is in a can, have some dry in a bucket and when her dish gets low she will go to the bucket and meow until I get her more. With knowing people are at the front door, that has got to be hearing, people come and go and different times but don’t think about getting between her and the window or door when someone does come over, she will run over you.

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      I’m not so sure about the intelligence of our largest furball. The cat has run himself into a solid door hard enough to knock himself out, got up a little woozily, then did it again. A one time deal, I could see, but this has happened five-six times in the eight years we’ve had him.

      He’s also terrified of the ratlings.

      The rats play ring-around-the-cage at various hours of the day and night, squabble over treats when I’ve given each of them the exact same thing, and generally pound on each other whenever I’m not in there to referee. I had to separate one the other week (he had a stroke), and despite the fact we’re pretty sure he can’t see now, he’s figured out the exact layout of his new cage and throws a fit when anything’s moved before he puts it right back.

      I could also get into the husband and pre-teen boy child, but I think ya’ll get the idea.

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      i could also get into the husband and pre-teen boy child, but i think ya’ll get the idea.

      tell me are they trained yet? if so will you come train mine for me. i swear it goes in one ear and right out the other side if it even managed to make it in the ear in the first place!

      how funny, a cat afraid of a rat. that just defies nature.

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      My cat, Precious, has to go with me to the bathroom almost everytime I go. She jumps up on the bathroom sink, meows and turns her head toward the sink faucet until I turn it on and then she drinks water from it. She also knows when I am sick/not feeling well and will lay beside me in the bed and not leave unless she absolutely has to.

      She crawls under the covers with me also when it is cool.

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      I swear my cat (TeeTee) can talk to me!!! I will ask him a question and he will speak (almost sounds like words!!) and when I talk on the phone – I will tell him to say hi – and he does!!!!

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      Actually I could make a list. I have a few smarty cats. dh says its because i treat them like humans.

      my oldest uses both paws to try and open door nobs. honestly if there was any traction there he would accomplish it ! dh and i cought him doing this one day.

      he understand you need to turn it but his paws slip.

      he also turns my bipap off in the morning if i wont get up and fill his dish.

      he will place his bowl right in my walking path to fill.

      they all react to things we have said. its really noticable too!

      they play a game with us. seeing as how we have steped on tails sooo many times that we get jumpy over it they like to take a squirle toy they have and place it in the path they know we will walk at night. like the path to the bathroom.

      we suspect they think its funny to see us jump.

      my littlest comes to bed at night with me. he cuddles under the blankets and keeps me happy as i drift off. he is usually still there in the morning.

      they all know when we go to bed its there time too.

      oh there are really soo many stories. i am teaching my littlest some signlanguage right now. he gets it but losses patience real quick.

      i can ask him to bring me his toy twice befor he is done and other days he compleatly ignors me. 🙂

      thats awsome faxon!

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      Pyxi-I’ve had a huge dog that was scared of my past ferret. its funny how smaller animals sometimes run the house compared to the larger animals.

      wow, where are you getting these really intelligent cats? i’m used to ones that aren’t so gifted in the thinking area. they also seem to have you guys under a small leash- “feed me or i sabotage you”

      today i wasn’t feeling so happy and i took a nap while i let my ferret out. so when i woke up i looked in her cage and not there, i looked all over the house and just couldn’t find her. so i went back to the couch and found her sleeping in my spare clothes suitcase next to the couch.

      i have a feeling it was to make sure i was okay… but at the same time i could just be giving her more credit than usual.

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      My chihuahua, Hercules, wakes me up in the middle of the night when he has to go outside to use the bathroom. He licks me in the face until I wake up. LOL

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      Seems like pets also watch our personalities to know how to deal with us

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      cats are awesome,our cat Sassy amazes me most of the time.she has a favorite toy and wont go to sleep unless i try to find it.its usually my not understanding what shes trying to say.she will sit in the area where her toy is and meow until i find it and she knows where it is. 9 times out of 10 she just cant reach it.she climbs into bed with us the winter she will wait til im almost asleep then jump on my leg and walk up to my back or hip and sleep there all night.she usually brings her favorite toy to bed too. she will put it at the foot of the bed and talk to it for a few minutes before jumping on the bed and going to sleep.:048:

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      Back on Thanksgiving Day 1993 I opened my back door and was greeted by a pup someone had dumped. It was a little yellow lab and we decided to keep it as long as it behaved itself. He won his place as one of the family the following Spring when we were out working in the garden and our little tottering twins got away from us.

      We suddenly heard them screaming and went running. They had found a place dug under the fence to the lagoon and started crawling under when the “pup” sat on top of one and had the shirt of the other firmly clamped in his teeth. The boy’s named him “Howard” and Howard has been safe guarding our family ever since.

      He’s 17 now and we baby him all we can. He comes in out of the rain and gets rubbed down with a warm blanket. He’s warned us in time for every disaster!

      Fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, intruders. I know his time is near the end and we’ll miss him so very much. Wish our other dogs were as smart as he is!

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