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Work from Home All Other Ideas Product Testing?

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      A friend of mine told me about her friend who got all these great products in the mail to test and then she would send a survey/review back afterwards. She didn’t know what company it is but I looked up some online.

      Has anyone does any product testing panels or what do you think about this? It sounds like some pay and some just give you free products. Anyone have any experience they could share about it?


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      I do product testing and paid focus groups and paid online surveys as much as possible. It’s always fun trying products before they hit the shelves. And know if they are quality items or not.

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      I have gotten a few product tests from points2shop. Sometimes I get what they call Panel discussions too. They can pay usually around 30$ I had one that paid 75$.

      The thing I love with the product tests is the free stuff part. I was chatting with a woman who said she does paid reviews of products for companies and then has to write a paragraph or two about that item. She never told me how she got into it and I haven’t been able to find anything that looks promising.

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Work from Home All Other Ideas Product Testing?