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      I’m only 36 and I’m having sexual Problems…I just get where I don’t want to anymore..did any of you ever get this way at my age? I dunno if it’s Hormones or just me..But I just Dread it when The DH wants to…I feel strange:groan: writing this post but was wondering if I’m the only one going threw this at my age?

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      Nope, you’re not alone. I truly understand.
      I’ve been having issues for numerous years. The desire just isn’t there.

      It’s not that I don’t care for my Hubby…and it’s nothing to do with his…uhmmm….performances. I’m just not interested. At all.
      Dr said I was perimenopausal.

      He also said I was starting this phase a little early, but sometimes it happened that way. I was only 34 at the time.
      A little over a year, and I still hadn’t gotten over that little hump. Then, my body decided it wasn’t time for that, so back to normal we went.
      NOW, at 45, here we go again.

      Actually it’s been going on for almost a year. This time, apparently, it’s the real thing because I have ALL the symptoms of going through menopause. My body just isn’t going quietly.

      It’s kicking and screaming the entire way. Gaah

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      I’m usually the one that wants it..But Now no..I do it for him..Good to know I’m not the only one..I feel weird bringing this up..But it feels good to know I’m not Strange..I would talk to my mom about this..but I don’t feel right about it for some reason…Just never asked such personal questions to anyone …Glad you understandSmile, its spring!

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