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      My local Kmart and Food For Less won’t accept manufacture coupons that I print myself from their sites.

      (Examples: coupons from Nestlé products and Kraft)

      Anyone else have this problem?

      Anyway to solve this problem?

      Oh and my local Carl’s Jr wouldn’t even take the online coupons for free burgers after the Lakers won. 😕

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      yes i know what to do with stores that won’t take the coupon…. first go higher up in the store.. and if that doesn’t work..

      call corporate… Kmart around here was being a bugger too.. soo people started to call corporate….one of my friends recieved a phone call from the store within an hour saying how sorry they were and how they would talk to the cashiers..

      blah blah blah…… so see calling corporate can help and if you are at Target don’t leave there until they call corp and you both talk to them and tell them what is going on.. if you did nothing wrong why be bullied???

      why should we back down when we did nothing wrong.. stand your ground…. just make sure the ground you stand on is firm..

      and in the right do not copy paste a coupon, that is fraud.. do not photo copy that is fraud…do not sell…. alot of them right on them say not to do that…

      to give is one thing to sell is another.. and i for one am to dog gone chicken to break the law

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      Yes, I’ve had the same problem. The head cashier explained that they had been hit with some counterfit coupons and therefor were no longer accepting them. Wal Mart also has refused coupons if the register doesn’t scan them.

      I’ve been told by management there (after complaining) to get them to call a salaried management personel to look at the coupon. But you get crappy looks from all the people behind you in line for holding up the line, and there are never enough registers open, makes me feel bad for those behind me so I usually don’t.

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      I’ve had the same problem with our Walmart, Festival and Copps – but only if the item is free with the online coupon. They told me that they have had some fraud – and I can’t blame them – but I’m wondering if we should contact the company who issues the coupons. Perhaps if they have to start spending their money to send these out – they will put pressure on the stores to accept the online coupons.

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      There’s a letter in oneof the forumsyou can print out(Liss?) and present to management. My little local Shurfine market won/t take them. I’m going to present the letter and point out that every coupon they refuse is a sale to their competitors.

      I’ll just go purchase the item at another store. We’re a small enough community that I hope that works.

      Haven’t had any probs with our WalMarts, Weis, or Giant.

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      I live in southeast Missouri and I don’t thank any stores around here will take them anymore.I used to use them with no problem but they won’t anymore.I used to copy a lot of coupons if I thought I would use them but I guess all I was doing was wasteing ink..Barbie62

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter Problems with online coupons